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My Services

Storytelling is one of the most natural things humans do, but we live in a very unnatural world... so sometimes we need a little help doing it.

I teach screenwriting to Master's candidates at the School of Visual Arts, am a frequent mentoring screenwriter for film festival programs such as the prestigious SeriesFest Episodic Lab, and have coached actors and writers privately for over 10 years in New York. 

Whether you're a writer looking to strengthen a new draft, an actor prepping for an audition or role, or a corporate professional looking to improve your performance or sharpen your message with social media videos, I can help.


Let's tell a story. 



Screenplay Consulting

I believe writers need to be extremely shrewd when considering who to ask for feedback on their scripts. With me, you'll get actionable and incisive notes from a studied/practiced professional, a detail-oriented collaborator, and a zealous advocate. Click the icon to book. 

Social Media On-Camera Coaching

The influencer/creator economy is worth $250,000,000,000 and growing. It's the best way to get your message, business, or art to connect with others. Unfortunately, I see many people on social media platforms fail to land a point because they aren't trained in on-camera techniques. I want to change this. Maybe you're a finance coach, a science communicator, or a business consultant who wants to utilize TikTok, Reels, etc to spread your message. I can help. I want to help people tell better stories. From idea generation, to writing, to on-camera performance, I can get those vertical vids to sing. TikTok may be relatively new, but on-screen techniques aren't. Click the icon to book. 

Communication Coaching

Public speaking is difficult -- whether it's a board room presentation, a conference speech, or training workshop, I can help unlock your inner presenter with grounding techniques for jitters and performance tools for powerful delivery and clear messages. Click the icon to book.

Audition Coaching

I've worked and trained as a professional actor for over 20 years. I believe acting fundementals are consistent from stage to screen BUT, there are ways to make your performance pop on camera that should be considered. From scene breakdown to tips and tricks to help draw a viewer in to your performance, I can assist you for that big (or not so big) audition.  Click the icon to book.

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What My Clients Say


Natasha Soto-Albors | Screenwriter / Producer /  Night Spark Pictures Founder

"When I’m developing a new screenplay there are very few people I trust implicitly to give thorough, insightful, and constructive feedback. Jake D Williamson is at the top of that list. Jake’s encyclopedic knowledge of screenwriting principles and his electric creative energy make him the ideal person to support novice and seasoned writers alike. I wholeheartedly recommend seeking out script development guidance from Jake. Your project will be taken to the next level thanks to his expertise." 
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